Leigh Nisonson

I am an artist, living and working in New York City. I work primarily in painting and mixed media, but also work in a variety of mediums, including lithography and video.

Through my work I try to convey and inspire a sense of strength, self-reflection and transformation in the viewer. My paintings distort image, color and perception through the veil of water, light, and narrative, dislocation of time and space. They explore themes in urban environments inspired by natural elements. My sculptures and installations also play on these themes of distortion of perception, disintegration and regrowth. I am moved by color, energy, movement, architecture, line, shape, urban environments and nature.

Curated Group Shows:

  • Grace and Favor (Williamsburg): April 2014 -- Present
  • Brooklyn Fire Proof, Art Fair (Bushwick): January 2013, February 2013, March 2013
  • POWERPLAY, A Sculpture Park (Bridgehampton): July 14 – August 24, 2012
  • LIC Arts Open: May 12 – 20, 2012
  • Spring Art Show, Reis Studios (LIC): April, 2012
  • SVA Summer Residency Open Studio Show: August 2011
  • SVA Summer Residency Open Studio Show: June 2011
  • Williams College Museum of Art (Williamstown)

Solo Shows:

  • Shark Meet solo show at Hampton Hang Gallery (Water Mill): August 12 - 26, 2013
  • Berardi en St. Barths: Solo Show and collaboration at Alexander Berardi's store (NYC): November 10, 2012 - Present
  • R E F R E S H: Solo Show at Gallery K (Nantucket): July 27 – July 29, 2012
  • H Y D R A T E: Solo Show at SPiN Galactic (NYC): June 28 – July 11, 2012
  • Winter Art Show, Reis Studios (LIC): February 2012


  • IX Style, painted sandals for resort, proceeds to provide clean water to Guatemalan children: Winter 2015 (upcoming)
  • Dean & DeLuca, exclusive hand-painted champagne bottles and boxes: Winter 2014
  • PinkClouds for Gray Days, Sarongs/Scarves, limited edition exclusive clothing Line: Summer 2013
  • Operation Paint Bomb, Snowfitti March 2013
  • Alexander Berardi, Resort Line and exclusive bags: Fall 2012

Artwork in the Private Collections of:

  • Nevine and Aaron Webster
  • Jay Yook
  • David A. Steinberg
  • Dr. C. Jody Spencer and Mr. Randal Spencer
  • Caroline Bliss Spencer and Thomas Spanos
  • Kate K. Smith
  • Tomasz Tomek Siergiejuk
  • Michael and Leigh Rode
  • Rachel Reinhardt
  • Francesca de la Rama
  • Catherine Rapetti and Danford Peterson
  • Capera and Igor Norinsky
  • Joanna and Peter de Neufville
  • Ranjeet Nabha
  • Meredith Milstein
  • Suzanne McGrattan
  • Cynthia Maus
  • Jeannette Marshall
  • David Magstadt
  • Todd and Valentina Lopez
  • Arthur and Betty Kowaloff
  • Ross Koller
  • Munirah Khalifa
  • David Katona
  • Brian Karimzad
  • Gautam Kakodkar
  • Christopher James
  • Joanna Hootnick
  • Carolyn Joy Greenwalt
  • Christina Gee
  • Howard and Margie Chester
  • Jack Brabin
  • Jane and Bob Burke
  • Michael Blank
  • Allison and David Beller

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